A local dad has made it clear that reality TV is not his cup of tea, something he is able to confirm after watching every last episode of the show he allegedly despises. 

First airing in 2015, Divorce Recourse Horse Course (DRHC) is a reality show by Network 10 in which separated couples try and heal their relationship by going in halves on a racehorse and training it together for championship glory.

The show has received mixed to negative reviews amongst everyone with an IQ in the triple digits, especially Betoota dad Shane McDoogle who reckons DRHC is complete crap that no one should watch which he can confirm with certainty after watching every currently released series.

“I mean honestly, why would you bother with that rubbish,” stated McDoogle, who would follow several of the ex contestants on Instagram if he could ‘ever get the bloody thing to work.’

“What happened to personal problems being a thing done in private? Why would someone want to be famous for having a complicated love life and the problem solving skills of an ice cube?”

“Did you know the next series is going to be filmed in Hong Kong? Sharon and Mick are returning with Pythia’s Dream but as guest judges this time, first former contestants to be doing it, easily they were the best part of season six, the worst of the seasons unless you count season one, which I don’t. From worst to best it goes season one, six, seven, three, five, two, four and eight which my wife didn’t like but enjoy-I, um, ahem, I didn’t like-I didn’t like it either…” 

Crunching the numbers, our reporting team can confirm that McDoogle has spent a total of 512 hours watching DRHC, the equivalent to three straight weeks of toxic couples complaining about never being able to finish a sentence while ankle deep in hay and horse manure. 

When presented with these numbers however, McDoogle refused to admit he took any pleasure in his repeated reality viewing, nor did he enjoy the written and podcast recaps of each episode that he reads and listens to daily.

“It’s all just stupid, it’s trash, complete trash. I think we’re doomed as a society, scrape it up and throw it away, we’ve ruined it.”

“And anyway, Cheryll is more into it than I am, she’s the one who put it on and left the room eight years ago when it started, not me.” 


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