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A woo girl’s quest to get a fruity drink has been foiled this afternoon, after she mistakenly assumed the bright orange cocktail she spotted on a nearby table would be enjoyable, it’s reported.

Naomi Tattler [24] is alleged to have made the error when she opted for an Aperol Spritz, asking the bartender if she could have ‘whatever that girl over there’ was drinking.

Expecting something sweet and citrusy, Anita had the shock of her life when she gulped down a drink that she could only describe tasted like the fermented fruit hooch prisoners made in their toilets.

“What the fuck?”, she’d queried, taking another look at the drink as though it’d miraculously changed colours the second she took a sip”, why is it so bitter?”

“Did they forget the citrus part or citrus acid.”

“Jesus Christ.”

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