Young people are feeling another economic blow as cocaine is now so expensive that local and domestic influencers have had to resort to paying for it.

Known for being the stimulant of choice in the 1980s, cocaine has had a bit of a comeback in recent years due to an increase in hustle culture, nostalgia, and you know, the fact it’s sitting there with nobody to snort it.

Since Colombian scientist Pablo Escobar invented cocaine Australia has been a graveyard for the drug that usually arrives in our nightclubs with more cuts and substitutions than a NSW Blues squad before a dead rubber.

Despite it being well known that Australian cocaine is about as potent as a nurse’s Nescafe or standing up too fast, everyone agrees you look really cool while doing it which is why it’s such a big hit for fashionistas, socialites and influencers.

However, with a standard bag (or packet in cool guy terms) attracting a price tag of $400 or more, friends of popular people have had to put their foot down and tell them the line they just snorted will be costing them $50.

“Yeah, it used to be that people would only ask me for money if I did about half the bag,” stated fashion influencer a social coker Yasmin Madrid of @yasfashionlyf.

“And even if I did, they wouldn’t ask. Too awkward and they wouldn’t want to interrupt me while I talk about my childhood trauma for an hour.”

“Sometimes, at the end of the night I’d realise I was still holding the rolled up note and no one remembered whose it was. You used to be able to make a modest living doing cocaine but you just can’t anymore and I think that’s sad.”



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