A local transport and motoring customer service employee has been left scratching her head after fielding a bit of a left-field question today.

Janet Brighton (63) is relatively new to her role at the Betoota Heights local Department of Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre and is still finding her feet in the busy office.

That was apparent today when a young man stumped her by asking for his Wheelbarrow Licence.

“He came in with a wheelbarrow and started asking me to print off the licence test,” she laughed over an afternoon cup of tea.

“So I start looking in the computer for the young man who still has his hard hat because the boys he works with told him he had to keep it on for the test.”

“But I couldn’t find anything at all.”

“We spent quite some time looking before I asked Keith, up the desk from me if he knew where to find it,” she laughed.

“And then we realised it was one of those pranks. Young Bailey explained to me that it must have been what he called a stitch-up.”

“Anyway, I know for next time,” she said regarding the classic tradie prank where you send an apprentice to get his wheelbarrow licence.

The very fresh first-year apprentice Bailey (17) explained to us that he received rapturous applause when he got back to the site today.

“Yeah everyone was pretty pleased that I actually took my wheelbarrow down to the Transport centre to get my licence,” he laughed to us.

“Last week they got me to run start the demo saw.”

“Just another week aye.”


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