A life member of the Brisbane Broncos is doing the unthinkable this evening as he begins to contemplate a switch to the bright side.

Attempting to hide his identity by wearing a full length Driza-bone on a balmy Brisbane night, The Advocate understands local Enoggera man, Terry Kilroy, has decided to use the cover of darkness to slip into an Internet cafe and Google some things he’s too ashamed to search for on his home computer.

Despite being a life member of the Brisbane Broncos since the 1992, it’s believed the past few years of poor on-field results and the slow crumbling of the front office of the club has forced Terry’s hand to tease the idea of swapping his allegiance from Brisbane to supporting The Dolphins, the hottest new team in Rugby League.

Fed-up with the relentless years of copping it from his mates, who have decided to upgrade to supporting the Cowboys or find some long winded excuse to root for Penrith, Terry thought he might as well just take a peek at the cost of a Dolphins membership.

After finding the door to the Go-Go Gaming Lounge on Thaiday Street, Terry bravely took his first ever step into an internet cafe.

“Hey, ummm, can I have an hour of internets please?” Terry asked the desk attendant, confused by the whole setup.

“And all your computers have Incognito mode, no one will know it’s been me online yeah?”

After being pointed to the direction of Computer 15A amongst a row of gaming monitors, Terry was surprised to find two other familiar faces from Red Hill also tucked up the back of the room.

Spotting two mates from the bistro watching YouTube highlights of Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow’s first try for the Dolphins, Terry realised he might not be the only fan leaving the Broncos behind this season.

“Fancy seeing you here…” he exclaimed to his mate Darren, “Hypothetically if we did switch, do you wanna carpool to a few home games at Kayo Stadium with me?”


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