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Victorian key forward Ethan Wilson has officially became the nation’s top young AFL talent after he was selected as pick #1 in the 2023 AFL draft by the GWS Giants. 

In what was a complex, mega trade deal between multiple AFL clubs, the Giants are beyond happy to have the elite young player join their ranks.

“We’ve struggled to retain our recent Victorian draft picks,” admitted GWS’ List Manager Jason McCartney.

“But we’re really hopeful that Ethan can have a long and prosperous footballing career up here in NSW.”

Despite the young Jet’s initial disappointment of realising his new team isn’t technically based in what most Victorians consider to be ‘Sydney’ but in somewhere called ‘Home Bush’, he’s looking on the bright side. 

“GWS are a great side and I’m grateful for the opportunity, and I can’t wait to play out my AFL mandated 2 year contract and trade to a bigger, better club for heaps more cash,” Wilson said honestly.

Indeed, the Advocate can confirm that first year players are mandated to play two years at their club regardless of whether they’re the #1 draft pick or #100. 

“It’s like, continue playing in front of 100 people each week out here in Home Bush or go home and play in front of 100,000 at the MCG for a team like Richmond?” the intelligent young man rhetorically shrugged.

While a decade ago it was common for AFL players to play out their entire careers at one club because loyalty was important back then, nowadays the game is completely Americanised. Just like in the NBA, now footy fans have no fucking clue which players will be playing for their team on any given day due to the amount of trading that goes on.

Wilson will wear the #5 jumper for GWS. But don’t go rushing out to buy your kids his Guernsey just yet, as 2 years from now it’ll no doubt belong to someone else.


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