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Though he’d never openly admit it, local dad Sean Shanahan has made quite a few attempts to bond with his eldest son, Lachlan, who has been somewhat of an enigma to him all of these years.

As a rough and guts, beer-drinking, former gas fitter, and both a man of few words, Sean has struggled to find common ground with his son over the years, who’d much rather be in front of a computer than learn how to replace a gasket. Or to quote Lachlan, ‘why bother when you can just pay someone?’

Learning quickly that his son wasn’t a fan of getting covered in grease, silently watching rugby, or listening to his favourite band Pink Floyd (which had prompted Lachlan to ask when the music was starting) Sean had pretty much given up on finding something they could both enjoy.

But just like ignoring a cat, giving up has prompted Lachlan to come to him instead – with an episode of 1923 drawing his interest.

This may or may not have to do with Lachlan’s obsession with the game ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’, which he’s managed to play for more than 300 hours.

“What are you watching?”, he’d asked, trying to appear nonchalant, “is that Harrison Ford?”

Hovering for a couple of minutes before hesitantly sitting on the couch, Lachlan officially asks the gateway question that signals he’s joining in.

“Have you just started it or…”

More to come.


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