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An animator for Bluey has been fired this week, as eagle eyed parents watching the hit children’s TV show noticed an addition to Bandit and Chilli’s bedroom that was a little suspicious, prompting a massive debate on X (formerly known as Twitter).

It’s alleged the discussion started when X user Blueyfan786_ posted a tweet remarking that they’d ‘never noticed an armchair in the corner of Bandit and Chilli’s bedroom before’ and that it was ‘strange that it directly faced the bed.’

This tweet is said to have prompted hundreds of responses, with some of the more avid fans even supplying timestamps of past episodes, showing that the chair had not been there before.

“Do Bandit and Chilli have a cuck chair?”, tweeted user Rumpleforeskin.

“Is that why their relationship is so good?”, queried Bobloblaw_1998.

After doing some sleuthing, The Advocate has since learned that the animator responsible for adding the armchair apparently ‘did it as a joke’, believing that no one would even notice, and has since been let go for suggesting that Bandit and Chilli are anything other than wholesome.

More to come.


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