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If you ask Paul Tabot’s girlfriend Marianne the one item she’d remove permanently from his wardrobe rotation, she wouldn’t even have to pause to think before coming up with her answer.

His god awful jeans. Or his ‘no arse’ jeans, as she likes to call them.

Though Paul admittedly isn’t that blessed in the rump area, Marianne says his favourite pair of jeans often makes it look as though someone’s taken a chomp out of his bum cheeks, due to all the excess fabric where he is arse should be.

“It makes it look like he’s wearing a nappy”, says Marianne, “I’ve tried buying him a new pair of jeans but he won’t wear them.”

“I think his butt is rather cute actually, but those bloody jeans do nothing for him.”

“Who knows, they might end up ‘disappearing’ one day.”

More to come.


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