In bad news for an already embattled NSW Liberal Party, The NSW state election result has followed last year’s Federal Election result pretty closely – with the Labor party installed to power after 13 years.

While many had presumed the Liberal-bashing that became socially acceptable under Prime Minister Morrison would continue to be a problem for Premier Perrottet – it is almost worse for the entire party’s brand that this kind of election result could take place a year after their Federal counterparts were voted out.

This proves that the NSW Libs are still on the nose themselves, despite trying their hardest to differentiate themselves from the bumbling Morrison Government.

After 4 seperate Liberal Premiers, two who resigned in the face of corruption watchdog inquiries, and an endless string of scandals caused by the mostly male boomer class of backbenchers – The Liberals have finally been flipped by the least enthusiastic Labor opposition in recent years.

More bad news for the Liberals that managed to hold onto their seats is the fact that the ‘teal wave’ of the 2022 Federal Election didn’t really translate this year. Only a couple of teal Independents got up, the rest of the crossbench are just complete lone wolves who decided they’d had enough.

Meanwhile, Liberal seats in the prosperous mortgage-belt seats of North-West of Sydney have once again returned to Labor strongholds, as even the jet-ski owning tradies deciding that blokes John Barilaro and Daryl Maguire are not who they want their friends to be friends with.

Even the blatant backing from both Nine Newspapers and Murdoch’s NewsCorp did little to save the Perrottet Government, with Labor also picking up several regional seats in addition to gains in urban areas.

In NSW, Labor is now on about 54.3% of the two-party-preferred vote – a decisive result that now means every single government in Mainland Australia is run by the Labor Party.

After shaking off their post-loss hangovers with a sauna and ice bath, the NSW Young Liberals have been called into a meeting with the top dogs to relay their youthful insights that may help the party reclaim the next generation of voters.

Their advice is stern and clear. The party needs to recharge itself. It needs to foster talent. They need more promising young men who went to elite Catholic schools in Sydney’s North Shore and studied law at Sydney Uni.


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