A local punter is refusing to rest on his laurels it can be confirmed.

Following a huge win on a horse, no one tipped, Ben Wilson, is today looking to keep the good times rolling with a roughie in the US election.

Nursing a monster hangover, and working from home, Wilson is today furiously trying to research the makeup of the Alabama State Electorate, which he reckons is a good chance of swinging.

Despite the fact the state hasn’t been won by the Democrats since 1976, Wilson reckons there’s some serious value there.

“Mate, $16 is sensational odds,” said the man that had more than a few bets on yesterday, and may or may have not have backed more than just Twighlight Payment in the Melbourne Cup.

“Or Trump to get less than 40% of the vote at 15 bucks man,” continued the bloke going against all his mates who have bet on Trump at longish odds despite knowing next to nothing about American Politics.

“Haha, bro my idiot mates are just dumping on Trump cause it’s good odds.”

“Mug punters man,” said the man who’s already got 4 different first try scorer bets in the Origin tonight.

“Anyway, yeah I reckon Bama’s a good shout aye,” he said scrolling through some random US political article from a website he’s never heard of.

“Biden’s pretty juice now too bro. Get on.”


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