The ABC panelists covering the US Presidential Election are today rattled by the unprecedented result in Florida.

At last count, President Trump looks 95% likely to retain the pivotal swing seat.

This result goes against the polling predictions that had Joe Biden sitting at 3.5% ahead.

These polling surveys don’t appear to take into account the hundreds of thousands of Cuban-Americans who don’t like seeing Che Guevara flags at Black Lives Matters marches.

The Australian public broadcaster can’t fathom this unprecedented result, given the polls said otherwise, just like the did for the 204 elections that have taken place around the world since the invention of social media.

The 2020 Presidential Election joins Brexit, Boris, Trump 2016 and the 2019 Australian election as yet another historic moment who has left terrace house journalists with their pantsdown.

However, with not one journalist close to the ground in working class communities, media networks argue that there is nothing else for them to go off.

At time of press, Twitter was melting down with inner city social commentators who says they felt betrayed by the semi-tropical rural communities of Australia’s most southern state.


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