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As the frenzy around COVID-19 continues to fester, Australian supermarkets have given citizens a sneak preview into battling for resources during the end of days.

With many supermarkets running low on essential items, harrowing stories have emerged of aggression and violence within these stores, some of which were tragically not filmed.

One such low-point occurred at 4 pm yesterday, when self-denying hipster Francessca Louise (27) waited in line for 20 minutes to purchase her groceries, one item of which was a non-artisanal loaf of bread.

“That was a close one,” stated Louise, thinking of the over one thousand people she was in proximity with that could have infected her with an airborne respiratory virus and have seen her willfully purchasing white bread.

“How do I open this bag?”

Although no stranger to waiting in line for bread, Louise’s experience in waiting for bread usually involves a moustached man telling her they don’t have any of their classic sourdough left and reluctantly coming home with a pumpkin seed and sundried tomato loaf that has about as many uses as a straight horseshoe.

“Ugh, this stuff is so bad for you,” stated Louise before drawing her curtains and eating half the bag raw while it’s still fresh.


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