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If there was one time everyone in the world needs to get behind each other and be kind and supportive it’s now, while we are in the grips of a life-threatening pandemic.

While most of the world seemed to have got the memo, somehow even Trump, one industry seems to have missed the memo and are still going about life like it’s business as usual.

Already the most hated profession in the country, parking inspectors have today done themselves no favours by going street to street and issuing parking tickets to as many cars as they can.

According to an internal memo, inspectors were urged to get out on the streets because more people would be at home with their cars so there’s more chance of people overstaying the signposted time.

Even though it is technically the law, Betootans are ropeable at the lack of leniency and compassion from the inspectors.

“You’d think they’d cut us a break wouldn’t you”

“My neighbour is in quarantine and can’t leave the house, how is she supposed to move her car?”

“It’s just unAustralian.”

The Advocate has reached out to the local government to see if there will be any special considerations put in place, at the time of press we are yet to hear back.

More to come.


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