A man who grew up in the golden age of Will Ferrell cinema has been blindsided today, after realising he’s about to tip into his dirty thirties.

After attempting to enjoy a romantic weekend away with his new girlfriend, The Advocate understands local 29-year-old Jacob Hacking received quite a shock, after exploring the shelves of his countryside AirBnb.

Prying open the doors of a rustic white TV cabinet, Jacob’s believed to have discovered a collection of ancient treasures, a large collection of DVD’s to make up for the AirBnbB’s patchy wi-fi signal.

Flicking his eyes across the beautifully arranged row of DVD’s, Jacob was hit with a strong slap of nostalgia as he discovered the names of some of his favourite movie titles.

“Oh babe, they’ve got DVDs!”, he shouted as he craned his neck into the cupboard and rested on all fours like a Maltese Terrier.

“They’ve got Inception, Legally Blonde, Pirates of the Caribbean… shit they’ve even got Season One of CSI:Miami!”

After rolling his index finger along the spines of the impressive collection, it’s believed Jacob’s eyes rested on a film that gave him particular butterflies in the stomach, the 2007 sports comedy Blades of Glory.

A film starring Will Ferrell and the guy from Napoleon Dynamite, The Advocate understands Jacob was hit with a wave of emotions, as he reminisced on the first time he was allowed to attend the cinemas by himself, flanked by the company of four mates and a $2 coin to buy a packet of Wizz Fizz.

Blowing dust off the DVD case as if the film was an ancient Egyptian relic, Jacob’s heart sank as he began to calculate just how long ago it was since “Ferrell-ism”, the critically acclaimed film period in which every comedy starred Will Ferrell and featured a cameo by Ben Stiller.

“Wait, if this was released in 2007, I was only in Year 9,” he whispered, drawing up some rough numbers in his head.

“How the fuck am I 30 next year…”

More to come.


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