A local bloke has managed to look like an incredibly dapper fuckwit this afternoon, rolling into the Ipswich races dressed up like a ‘Peaky Blinder’.

Despite a sweltering 36 degree Brisbane day, St Lucia Real Estate Agent Charlie Kimber (25) was spotted entering the racecourse dressed in a three-piece tweed suit and heavy woollen trench coat, as if he’d just walked off a steam train destined for 1920’s Birmingham, England.

Not without the most infamous of headwear accessories, Mr Kimber was seen topping the outfit with a signature grey newsboy cap which was clearly hiding the shaven edges of a very recent sharp fade.

Strutting into the General Admission as if he’d just revolutionised post World War Europe, Mr Kimber was accompanied by several regularly dressed men who were clearly celebrating a bucks party.

Speaking to close friend, Jamie Waldridge (27), it’s understood that Charlie had been copping it all morning, as the group of mates took turns to point out how stupid he looked.

“We gathered at Kenny’s house to have a few beers and get ready, next minute Charlie rocked up in that tweed vest and we’ve been tearing him to shreds all morning,” said Mr Waldridge.

“This bucks isn’t even themed, yet he’s taken it upon himself to turn up like he’s about to go pheasant hunting, God he looks like a clown!”.

An avid Cilian Murphy fan, it’s believed Mr Kimbers outfit choice was inspired by the fact he’d recently binged all 5 seasons of the BBC’s hit TV show ‘Peaky Blinders’ over a two week period.

Whilst checking the time on a vintage gold pocket watch he’d purchased off Etsy, Mr Kimber told our reporter (in what we believe was a failed attempt at a Brummie accent) that his outfit choice was simply just something ‘different’

“Mate, everyones turnin’ up to these here races wearing Tarocash n’ dat, thought I wear sumtin’ a bit different innit?”

“Got nothin’ to do wit’ what yore finkin, so move on mate before I slice ya…”

More to come.


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