After his fourth violation of workplace code and conduct, one local Sky News viewer Joe Corbyn (58) has finally been let go from his job at a Betoota Heights accountant firm.

Joe says the final straw that caused the termination of his two decades of employment is something that no one would have thought twice about ten years ago.

“This woke PC rubbish has infiltrated our workplaces” he says.

“And as an older white man. I have a target on my back”

Luckily, as some one with three investment properties and a bunch of BP shares, Joe doesn’t have to worry too much about coin.

He also doesn’t have to worry about supporting his two whingeing uni student daughters.

Because they don’t visit his one bedroom flat that much – ever since their mother divorced him after he was repeatedly caught having cybersex with a Nigerian man who was catfishing him as a lonely Russian heiress.

But still, to be let go from his job so close to his retirement is a real blow to the man’s self-esteem.

Especially considering he was unaware that he was doing anything wrong.

“When I first started at this place we used to play hide the sausage all the time. It’s basically a tradition”

“But noooo… Not now in this world of sixteen different gender pronouns and triggered snowflakes who want the world to run off Aboriginal refugee made solar panels”

“This cancel culture has gotten out of control. There’s no context anymore. We are losing our larrikin spirit and it’s all Bill Shorten’s fault”

“When a bloke can’t whip it out at his desk without getting sacked on the sport, you know this country has gone to the dogs”



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