It’s not often that local woman Emily Robertson gets into a new television show, but when she does, she goes pretty hard.

Her latest obsession, a supernatural-based CW show with an unreasonably attractive cast – i.e. 50% of the network’s programs – is an especially good find as it has several seasons at 45 mins an episode.

It’s also made all the more enticing by the lead male protagonist, whose striking features and cocky attitude is everything she looks for in a fictional boyfriend.

As usual, whenever Emily gets obsessed with a male lead, she likes to Google them to see if they have a partner. Because she’d definitely have a chance if she ever stumbled across his path in real life.

However, it appears that Emily has overestimated her faith in search engines and forgotten exactly how Google works – as in, Google has no problem throwing spoilers if it just so happens to be commonly researched keywords.

Typing the character’s name into a search bar, Emily’s eyes mistakenly scan over all the results which range from pivotal kissing moments between lead characters and a dance montage to the titular words ‘death scene.’

Grimacing as she stares at the thick black letters bouncing off the screen, Emily prays that it’s referring to a supernatural style ‘death’ which will result in some kind of resurrection and not a real death scene.

More to come.


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