Frustrations with the government’s response to catastrophic flooding in Northern NSW is now at fever pitch, after footage circulated of ADF troops staging ‘recovery’ photoshoots with professional lighting equipment in squeaky clean uniforms.

Residents in flood-ravaged communities have been shouting for a week that not enough defence personnel had been deployed, as up to 60,000 local local volunteers worked tirelessly for six days to rescue tens of thousands of homes and stranded neighbours.

From the Tweed to the Clarence River, there have been reports of everyday men and women being left to discovered bodies – while the government took a full week to get any assistance on the ground.

However, Scotty From Marketing said several thousand troops were on standby to assist the recovery effort, hence the photographs he plastered to social media last night thanking them.

Neither the Prime Minister or the Defence Minister Peter Dutton will stand for any criticism of the brave men and women in uniform, as they attempt to paint the flood victims as treasonous lefties who hate the diggers.

Meanwhile locals insist they have no problem with the efforts of the few ADF troops that have made their way to help out, rather the government that took an entire week to send them there.

Not one to shy away from responsibility, though, Scotty has faced the music today – by going on Sydney talkback radio to say ‘he understands the frustrations’.

“These are terrible, terrible floods, these are floods that we have not seen in living memory, in anyone’s lifetime,” he told Sydney radio 2GB on Monday.

“I can understand the great frustration that has been expressed, at the same time, there is an enormous effort that has been put in to get to everywhere that people can get to.”

The Morrison Government also insist that it’s not necessarily their job to help people clean up their own backyards, after spending the last 6 months ridiculing the state governments for their efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus.

 “It’s time the Government got out of people’s lives!” said the Prime Minister in December last year, while shifting the blame for the economic ruin caused by lockdowns onto the Premiers.

This political ethos has been on display for all this week, as the Federal Government do their very best ‘to not get in the way’ and infringe the freedoms of flood ravaged victims by offering any form of assistance.


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