In the construction game, there’s certain characters that are not worth getting on the wrong side of.

First and foremost, there’s the pie van lady with the ice cold glare.

Then obviously that little soft cock site manager who wears chinos and Timberlands – because he’s the one that can get you sacked.

However, as some young fellas have learnt the hard way, there is no greater alpha than the mid-to-late 50s concreter who keeps to himself outside of horse racing tips and a bit of flirting with the Friday topless barmaids at the Betoota Fields Tavern

At the new Betoota Aquatics Centre redevelopment jobsite, this bloke is named ‘Kim’ – so you already know he’s had to grow up with hard fists and a keen wit.

It’s common knowledge on site that appropriating Kim’s name to make it sound even more feminine than it already is will likely put you in a position where not even the CFMEU can save you.

Unfortunately, a rather green young apprentice named Danny hasn’t yet developed the street smarts to assess the rules of the jungle properly. This became clear over a few jars at the Tav this afternoon

“Does anyone want a beer?” Danny asks a crowd of workmates, dangerously close to within earshot of the old fella.

“How bout Kimberly, is he dry or what?”

An older landscaper slaps him down as quick as he can, while the rest of the boys circle Danny.

“Shut your fucking mouth you little shit. Are you fucked in the head?” snaps the landscaper.

“Do you reckon that’s gonna work out well for you?”

Danny, who’s youthful cheeriness is still yet to rub off his face, doesn’t think it could possibly be that poorly received.

“You’re kidding me?”

The landscaper moves out of Danny’s line of sight, so that he can look at the quiet old concreter gulping back his full strength lager at the corner of the bar.

“Have a look at him”

“You don’t reckon he’s heard that before? Have you ever wondered why you’re the first dumb cunt on this site to make that crack?”

Danny suddenly understands the situation, as he examines the scarred knuckles and eyebrows of The Boy Named Kim.

“Fuck man I didn’t kno-“

He gets interrupted again.

“Well ya know now. So fuck up.”

“Because nobody will be coming to help you if you set that fucking thing off”


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