The horrifying scourge of Sudanese and Ethiopian gangs wreaking havoc in Melbourne’s public spaces has seemingly vanished over the last six hours.

This follows a wild morning in the Australian media landscape, as Facebook Inc. came good on their promise to ban news links on their platform.

News publishers and users were banned from sharing content right across Australia – in response to the Morrison government’s proposed media bargaining laws, that he was told to introduce by Rupert Murdoch – who after twenty years, has not found a way to make a quid out of the internet.

All of Murdoch’s stable and Nine newspapers were were wiped from social media today, as well as a few essential services – like the Betoota Advocate – before we were rightfully reinstated.

As the NewsCorp publications continue to remain off limits to Australian social media users, Facebook has also dug the boot in by banning these same links being shared ANYWHERE in the world.

Over the last six hours, however, the lack of populist right-wing journalism has already seen drastic changes in the Australian psyche.

Earlier today it was reported that senior citizens are rushing to embrace the science of Climate Change and are now loud advocates for Refugee rights – following half a day without Sky News in the media.

Another community that is also relishing in the lack of sensationalist fear-mongering is the Melbourne African community – who have today experienced their first taste of harmony.

Right around Victoria, groups of African Gangs are slowly transforming into cheerful black kids just making the most of Melbourne’s parks and shitty beaches.

Without one headline from Andrew Bolt or any other Herald Sun neo-fascists, the African community is free to venture outside their homes without being labelled bloodthirsty gangs that have only been allowed to exist because of the soft-on-crime Andrews government.

At time of press, thousands of African gang hotspots were slowly being rezoned as African picnic hotspots – much to the joy of the cheerful black kids who are now free to co-exist alongside the greater community without being accused of robbing grandmas or carrying machetes.



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