WAIT, WHAT? POOR GOVERNANCE EQUALS CIVIL UNREST? Thousands of Melbourne residents have taken to the streets of the city over the weekend to highlight the fact that they are willing to get arrested for the conspiracies that have taken over their YouTube-brains after nearly two months of extreme financial distress.

The Victorian Police Commissioner said yesterday’s anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne’s CBD were among the most violent he has seen in two decades, as over 4000 people converged on the CBD in protest of the state’s lockdown extensions.

The timeline for Melbourne’s explosion of civil unrest seems to match up perfectly next to Sydney’s riots last month. This indicates that perhaps 6 weeks in lockdown with fuck all financial supplements is the longest that a lot of working Australians can last before they reach boiling point.

While the presence of conspiracy was very much on display at yesterday’s Freedom marches, as they were in Sydney, the fact the Perth and Brisbane didn’t get anymore than a couple hundred nutjobs on the streets speaks to the fact that a vast majority of the protestors down south might actually be disenfranchised people who are struggling to put food on the table for their screaming kids that haven’t been able to go to school or use a playground for nearly two months.

However, Australia’s detached upper middle class journalists are much more willing to blame this on ‘bogans’ rather than their beloved Scotty From Marketing who failed to order enough jabs or build any Federal Quarantine facilities while he was patting himself on the back for the short-lived ‘elimination strategy’ – the reinstating of JobKeeper may have also helped prevent this disgraceful display in Melbourne yesterday.

Millions of Australians are currently slipping through the cracks of the complicated state and federal government ‘disaster payments’ who only seem to benefit a far more comfortable work force of non-casual employees.

For example, Australian cab drivers are unable to receive any financial support because they cannot prove a ‘loss of shifts’ – as they drive around an empty city burning fuel looking for the very rare opportunity to give someone a lift less than 5 kilometres.

Just like last month in Sydney, the political elite are relishing in the feral behaviour witnessed in Melbourne over the weekend, because it takes the spotlight off the fact that their extreme incompetence has resulted in Australia being one of the last locked down countries in the world.


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