Angie and Peter ‘Pistol’ Reyes don’t get out much nowadays.

With three kids under 6 at home, and the shrinking window of home ownership in their peripheral – this Betoota Heights couple live a reclusive life of financial responsibility.

Gone are the days of mid-week art shows and live gigs that used to fill the calendar in their twenties. Nowadays it’s all about changing nappies and making sure their ageing parents aren’t getting scammed by Macedonian teenagers on WhatsApp.

Pistol, a 38-year-old PE teacher by day and juniors basketball coach in the evenings, says he doesn’t mind this mundane suburban life – because it’s a small price to pay for a bit of stability with a young family.

“We moved to the suburbs because we wanted a safe place to raise our kids. I remember the inner-city from my Uni days. It was great fun but it’s a bit rowdy living in the heart of a major centre like that”

Angie, a 34-year-old dental nurse and occasional waitress at her sister-in-law’s cafe, says she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out on much. With two incomes and one car – they still have enough to budget around a week at the beach every Easter and a nice frock here and there.

But this Tuesday will be a rare treat. Pistol’s mate who works at a local turf-laying company has flicked them two tickets to a marquee at the Betoota Race Club for Melbourne Cup. The two of them are heading out for a day of bubbly and loud music.

The in-laws will be picking the kids up from school and daycare for a sleepover, and they’ve both got some pretty flash outfits that were meant for a friend’s wedding that got cancelled during the pandemic.

“It’s going to be really fun.” says Angie, smiling at her loving husband.

“We’ve only got local horses racing here but they’ll be playing the big race on a projector screen apparently”

Pistol, a working man whose own personal opinions regarding the ancient traditions of agriculture and horse racing are in line with 97% of the nation, agrees with his wife.

“We are really excited. Angie’s old man has given me some solid tips. We might be able to head out for a seafood dinner afterwards too.”

Angie giggles.

“Haha he always say that but he never really bets that much”

Her husband chuckles.

“Yeah. We always spend more getting ready for a day like this”

“Now let’s organise this fascinator babe!”


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