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When it comes to teaching her mum about technology, local woman Bree Garrison needs to take her wins when she can.

For instance, she hasn’t heard her mum Deb’s phone drop out mid conversation in a while, which used to occur at a rate of roughly a once a week, as her mum still hadn’t gotten her head around the fact that her iPhone needed to be charged daily.

Or left on charge overnight as Bree had suggested only 20,000 times.

Or the amount of times where her mum would accidentally push the hold button, and then ask Bree where the piano music was coming from.

In fact, her mums ability to find some way to creatively fuck up a phone call would have been pretty impressive, if Bree didn’t find it so frustrating to deal with. 

Such as today’s debacle, which saw Deb at least manage 40 minutes before having an issue.

“Oh sorry hun, I think my phone’s about to go flat”, laughed Deb, “hang on, I’ll call you back.”

“I had my FLASHLIGHT on hahaha.”

“I don’t know why it did that.”

“I didn’t ask it to.”

More to come.


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