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There once was a time when local builder Tom Sticks was famous for his social media presence around town.

Though unknown at the time, as the years went on, it was determined that Mr Sticks was the “Yellow Peepee Monster” – an anonymous Instagram account that visited the many public restrooms around Betoota and featured videos of a man urinating all over the room.

There would be urination all over the toilet. The man would urinate on the toilet paper dispenser and sheepishly giggle as he saw the roll shrivel and bloat with moisture. Then onto the sink and walls, taking special care not to reveal himself in the mirror. In one such video, he turned the power points on and for the finale, he urinated into the sockets and triggered the Clipsal. Plunging the room – and the service station, into darkness.

Speaking to The Advocate, Mr Sticks says those days are behind him now.

“Look, I’m not really sure I want to go on record about that stuff,” he said.

“I was a real twisted freak back then. All that went on when I was like just out of high school, I’m 30 now.”

These days, Mr Sticks doesn’t have much of a social media presence. In fact, if it weren’t for his newish son, Reece, he admits that there probably wouldn’t be any presence at all.

“My defacto life partner and mother of my son often posts photos of Reece to social media and tags me in it. I’d rather she didn’t but my opinion doesn’t matter. So yeah, I just repost what she posts now. That’s about it.”

However, when asked if he misses those late-night visits to public toilets, Mr Sticks just smiled.

“Yeah,” he said.

“Well, the other night down at The Gelded Seahorse, I was in the disabled toilets because I couldn’t be fucked going down the stairs and the peepee monster almost got me. He wanted me to pee on and in the sanitary bin next to the toilet. I didn’t but God, it was tempting.”

More to come.


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