23 May, 2016. 16:45

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THINKING THAT SOMETHING MAGIC might happen during this year’s State of Origin competition, one NSW Blues fan took a look at the side announced today, before putting his ticket on Gumtree.

Choosing to move on with his life, career roofer Glenn Backladdy said he’d rather not let himself be absorbed in the hoopla that is Origin rugby this year, so he’s decided to give someone else the opportunity to be disappointed.

“I bought tickets to all three games, cost me a fucking fortune they did,” he said.

“The whole experience would’ve cost me well over ten, not this year but. I’m going to let someone else have the pleasure of being led up and down the eastern seaboard by their dick,”

“Maybe next year. Hopefully, we’ll see an actual NSW team, not just the Laurie Daley XIII.”

The Willmot local said he plans to spend each Origin night at a mate’s place, where they’re each required to bring a 30 block of Tooheys Red. He also revealed that if he plans to host the Origin party, his missus packs up the kids and skips town for the night.

“She’ll be gone all week if we get flogged in the first game. Fuck, I might even start going for the fucking Swans if the cane toads towel them up bad enough.” he said.


  1. Glenn is considering dropping Rugby League all together, as he is sick of the fucked cunts that earn 20 times as much as him getting pissed and fucking dogs up the arse.


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