23 May, 2015. 17:44

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Parramatta half-back Kieran Foran has thanked NewsCorp for their kind words and support during his darkest hour, it has been confirmed.

In late April, the Eel’s star recruit was granted a leave of absence by the club to deal with mental health concerns, in a story that grabbed headlines across print, radio and TV.

Rumours that questioned the legitimacy of the footballer’s new child were quashed early on, but Foran did thank everyone for wondering.

“Kyle and Jackie-O were quick to show they cared,” said Foran to media in Parramatta this morning.

“The story wasn’t true, but it was good to know that everyone was thinking about me while I was battling against one of the most stigmatised illness in the country,”

“It means a lot”

Shortly after arriving back at training last week, a new report claiming he lost $75,000 while gambling,, the day he returned from rehabilitation, was published by his friends at The Daily Telegraph. Foran also made sure to extend his gratitude.

“I also want to thank the tele’ for informing everyone about how I’m travelling, at all times”

“They haven’t missed a beat.

The NewsCorp story said a TAB account linked to Foran lost the huge sum in a matter of hours. The accuracy of this story has since been questioned by management and the Rugby League Players Association.

“I’m not gonna comment on too much, but I want to thank all of these media outlets,”

“For future reference, this is exactly how you should treat someone who is struggling with mental health illnesses”

“If I didn’t have these rumours swirling on my newsfeed and on television, radio and in the newspaper while I was away at the clinic, I don’t know where I’d be,”

If you, or someone you know is battling with mental health issues and a tacky and weathered radio host decides to question whether or not you are the parent of your own child on the highest rating breakfast show in the nation – or a failed high school sports prodigy decides to leak personal information surrounding your own financial records and/or gambling issues – you can call Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636  for support.


  1. Thank goodness foran isn’t a prominent sydney afl full forward. That way he would have been subject to a cover up and endless news limited sympathy. Thats the last thing he needs.


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