A Betoota City Worker has suddenly registered that tonight, of all nights, has the potential to be the loosest of the year.

27-year-old Jai Deeran isn’t in a committed relationship, and he doesn’t have any of those weird hobbies that require him to hang out with strangers over a weekend.

Also, it’s Easter. Which means that Australians are required to do nothing for four days, by order of the Church.

This long weekend always catches Jai by surprise. It’s the one weekend where he is really able to wipe the calendar of any commitments.

And it means Thursday is the one night of the year where he can truly let the dogs out.

Sitting at his desk this Good Friday eve, and Jai has been overcome by what’s known as ‘The Easter Sting’

“I’m pretty thirsty hey” he tells The Betoota Advocate, as he actively ignores emails that are frantically landing in his inbox from superiors that desperately need something done before everyone clocks off for a week.

“I dunno. I could push the boat out tonight”

“I’ll see what the boys are up to”

Within minutes, Jai’s group chat confirms that his mates are also suffering from the Easter Sting.

“Oohhh we might be on here” he chuckles, as he closes his computer two hours before knock off.

“I’m not sure what the plan is. Maybe we’ll meet at the Paddy McRibshots. That’s the Irish joint in Chinatown. Just for a few tipplers, and then eventually pour into the Old City District. It’s pretty likely that we’ll commandeering a table at the Fred Hollows Arms until close”

“We call it the Fred Hollows because it’s the only place that’ll have you when you’re blind. Ha ha ha”

“Actually. I think the Irish joint is doing a four hour happy hour on nameless cleanskin pints. Fuck yeah. That’s where we’ll start”

“I’m gonna head there now for a few phone beers”

Jai gets up from his desk and marchs through his near-empty Long Weekend office.

“I’ll see you fuckers in 5 days” he shouts at his remaining colleagues, non of whom are important enough to get him in trouble for leaving this early or swearing.


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