The population of Sydney has reported a massive collective weight loss this weekend after huge numbers of Sydney Royal Easter Show attendees reportedly lost and arm and a leg.

The limb loss has been attributed to the prices of rides, show bags and general show related expenses which cost parents of more than one kid an absolute arm and a leg.

Although some speculated that the current cost of living might have made Easter Show prices look normal, store and ride operators have also jumped on the inflation band wagon.

In 2023, for a family of four to visit the Easter Show each get a showbag, have lunch, some drinks, a dagwood dog, cheese on a stick (yes both) and whatever weird deep fried Orca blowhole they are doing that year, it’s believed it will cost you one lower and upper limb.

Local Dad Ewan Sherling said it was quite a shock to the system to have two limbs removed from his body, but it was all worth it to see his kids smiling faces.

“One day our kids will grow up and realise what sacrifices we made for them. Hopefully sooner rather than later cause I’m not sure I can face coming back next year.”

In other news, loaded human arms are touted as the next big snack of the Easter Show and on the last weekend of the show you can get your own plate of loaded arms for just a finger.


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