Watch out retired racing Greyhounds, there’s a cool new breed of rescue dog in town.

At this point of 2024, youth music festivals are starting to go the way of Dodo.

Case and point has been the news that iconic music festival Splendour In The Grass will not be going ahead in 2024.

It’s not fully known exactly why the festival has pulled this years addition, with speculation that everything is so god damn expensive at the moment being a contributing reason.

Not only does this mean a loss of income for workers in the entertainment industry but four-legged festival frequenters are having to make different arrangements too.

Notably the cute little police sniffer dogs, which NSW has such a love for that thinking nobody should ever be detained in the nude while squatting over a mirror is considered too radical for lovers of The Force.

Unfortunately, this is what happens at every music festival in the Jo Frost Supernanny state regardless of whether the accused drug taker is a teenager or doesn’t even have any gear on them.

Now with no festival to look forward to and no lives to ruin over a joint, sniffer dogs are being fostered out to families who have room in their heart for an adorable little sans-personality snitch.

“We’re not seeing the adoption rate that we were expecting,” explained a spokesperson for the strip searching unit that never really looks to deeply into where all these kids are getting illicit substances from.

“We think it’s because the type of person who would adopt a dog is also the type of person who has a shoebox under their bed that would drive a sniffer dog crazy.”

More to come.


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