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As the sun rises across the Christian world tomorrow, hundreds of millions of people will pause to reflect on the life of Jesus Christ, a popular and humble Palestinian Jew who was put to death by the Roman Empire in the year 33 AD.

Mr Christ, who died at 33 years old after the Romans got tired of him spinning yarns to people which led them to follow him around and tell other people about his deadly yarns, is also remembered for being the Son of God, who in partnership with other Gods, created the universe that all people around the world enjoy, or do not enjoy, to this day.

Good Friday is pound-for-pound the most sacred day in the Christian calendar and subject to a lot of pensive thought both here and overseas. In Australia, tomorrow is a day when most punters aren’t allowed to buy takeaway alcohol or eat red meat in front of elderly relatives. Nevertheless, the notion of remembering and celebrating the life of Mr Christ is key and central to tomorrow.

As a happy-go-lucky and handsome young Semitic man, many sideline sitters find it odd that billions of Christians across the globe take time out of their busy lives of being nice to people and things to thank a Jewish guy for everything he did for them back in the day.

Anyway, food for thought.

With regard to the above, The Advocate will be closed tomorrow between 7 am and noon. Saturday and Sunday, business as usual. On Monday, Wendell is working as he “doesn’t believe in this stuff” – so we rostered him on.

Happy Easter from The Betoota Advocate.

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More to come.


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