The Member For Kennedy has today joined the Religious Freedoms debate, after previously sitting on the sidelines as a God-fearing rural conservative.

However, as the nation’s senators and MPs begin unpicking a bill that Prime Minister Morrison has been trying pass for nearly a full Parliamentary term, Bob Katter has decided he cannot remain silent and has revealed he will be voting against the proposed legistlation, which he believes ‘looks like something cooked up by ISIS’.

The bill, which was initially pitched as legislation that was supposed to protect religious Australians from being discriminated against by bosses or landlords who don’t like turbans, has turned into somewhat of an experiment in Christian supremacy.

As it stands, these weird new laws would protect the religious freedoms of anyone who doesn’t wanna to hire a homosexual, or any teacher who doesn’t want to teach a trans kid, or anyone who doesn’t want to rent a house to an unmarried woman.

This binfire appears to be a result of Scotty From Marketing making a few too many promises to a few too many Christian groups – who are all now coming to collect the rent.

Bob Katter, a man who has come full circle on his views of LGBTI issues ever since his iconic ‘let a thousand blossoms bloom’ speech, has today walked backwards from Bourke by admitting that he does now believe that North Queensland is home to a vibrant queer community.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate, the Member for Kennedy offered a quick comment on why he will not be supporting Morrison’s bill.

“I’ll be voting against the freedom of religion bill, because quite frankly, where I come from it’s not very good manners to ask someone who or what they worship, or who they vote for, or if they’ve ever been to prison. There was this bloke that used to work at the bootmaker in Charters Towers, come to think of it, he was most likely a lavender-scented gentleman, if you get my drift. Stefan was his name, which says it all really, anyway, under this bill, Stefan coulda been sacked from his job because his boss Craig was one of those real devil dodging catholics who refused to appreciate that Priscilla Queen Of The Desert was not only a heartwarming Australian comedy but also a masterpiece of queer cinema. We all knew stefan used to throw on a bit of lippy and head to Sydney for the first weekend of every March, but no one else could resole a pair of RMs like Stefan. Now I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, people are entitled to their sexual proclivities, just as they are entitled to whatever brand of guilt they want to burden themselves with each Sunday morning. But i will not allow one man’s god get in the way of me having my riding boots refurbished by the best in the game, just because my preferred cobbler finds himself uninterested in the church’s definition of indoor sports” said Katter.

“And I ain’t spending any more time on it”


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