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A woman has today had to pull the brakes on a potential date, when it failed to accurately line up with her hair washing schedule.

As someone with thick and hard to manage hair, Renee McMorris often had to work her social schedule around her hair washing days, given how long it took to dry her hair in a way that didn’t make her look like Hagrid’s long lost twin.

So far, this schedule sees her teeing up Sunday and Wednesday nights as the token wash days, with her hair usually looking a bit rough by those afternoons – namely, a mix of greasy and fluffy, with a fuck ton of flyaways.

Unfortunately, when she’d agreed to go on a date with a bloke she’d met off Bumble, Renee had momentarily forgotten her militant hair washing schedule in a moment that was very out of character, seeing how much of her confidence was tied in her hair.

Having agreed a week prior and now reaching the point where she was saying yes to whoever asked, the date had momentarily slipped her mind until he’d sent a follow up message that afternoon -and with one look in the mirror showing a rather grim looking swamp creature, Renee had to quickly come up with an excuse that wasn’t ‘I desperately need to wash my hair.”

It’s alleged her last minute cancellation was handled pretty well considering Renee at least suggested another day, this time, one that was in line with her clean hair days.

More to come.


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