The nation’s federal Empathy Consultant Jenny Morrison has today told the Prime Minister that he probably doesn’t want to hear what she’s got for him today.

The comments from the wife of Scott Morrison come after an explosive and powerful address by Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins at the National Press Club this afternoon.

Scott Morrison said he was unable to attend the event, with a busy week ahead trying to push religious discrimination through parliament.

During the address the pair took aim at our government, the media, and powerful organisations who have allowed abuse, assault, and awful behaviour to occur within our society.

The powerful speeches called out our leaders and people in positions of power to do more to address issues like sexual abuse, assault, gendered violence, and structural power imbalances.

Running head-on at those topics left plenty of people in the room shifting uncomfortably, with plenty of sharp inhales and glances at the floor.

Former Australian of the Year Grace Tame made a real point in particular of narrowing in on the inaction and poor behaviour of people like Scott Morrison, and people who run the media more broadly, in what was a refreshing bullshit-free speech.

Summing up her efforts to advocate on these issues, Tame said; “I would rather go down as a disappointment to an institution than sell out as a puppet.”

Amongst other things, Brittany Higgins said this about Prime Minister Scott Morrison; “I didn’t want his sympathy as a father, I wanted him to use his power as Prime Minister… I’m not interested in words anymore. I want to see action.”

So, following those speeches and the subsequent Q&A, Jenny Morrison informed Scott that she doesn’t want him to break down what just happened.

“You are really not going to like what they were saying about you, and more importantly asking you what to do,” explained the woman who has been in charge of trying to explain how bad things like sexual assault are.

“I can translate it for you, but it might hurt your ego”

“A lot”

More to come.


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