Hollywood star Jacob Elordi is the subject of a NSW police investigation after an alleged melee outside a hotel in Sydney on Saturday.

While the debate over ‘Is Jacob Elordi a Melbourne Boy or Brisbane Boy’ continues to rage online with every award-winning on-screen performance, yesterday’s melee has only confirmed his Queenslander status.

The Saltburn actor, who is currenly in Australia filming the screen adaption of Richard Flanagan’s iconic WW2 novel ‘The Narrow Road To The Deep North’, was at Sydney’s Clovelly Hotel when he started experiencing the kind of flippant disrespect that only dipshit Sydney wankers are capable of.

It is believed that the towering Brisbane boy got into an altercation with a prominent Sydney radio producer, who has a track record for taking pleasure in harassing high profile people in public.

Elordi, 26, is said to have been ambushed by the radio pest – who is known for crashing celebrity weddings for social media content – when he eventually grew tired of the Sydney wanker’s inappropriate behaviour.

A NSW Police spokesperson says a man was allegedly ‘taught some manners’ during the encounter:

“Officers attached to Eastern Beaches Police Area Command are investigating after a man had some Queensland sensibilities imparted upon him at a Sydney Hotel,” a statement read.

“Police were told about 3:30pm on Saturday 3 February 2024, a Sydney Wanker was allegedly dusted off by a honourable Queenslander. The man did not sustain any injuries but is likely having good long think about what he’s done.

The spokesperson added inquiries into the incident were ongoing, but these kinds of culture clashes are common in Sydney, as visiting Queenslanders take issue with Sydney wankers walking around like they a fucking bulletproof.

“When we first got the report we just assumed [Queensland Rugby League Legend] Gorden Tallis had been on the lash down at the Cloey again”

“This is a very common phenomena, particularly during Queensland State Of Origin preparations”

“We urge Sydneysiders to remember that their cockyness and cotton-wool wrapped entitlement can very often land them in trouble when dealing with grown men from the land of the brave”


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