Tonight’s game III decider of the 2017 State Origin series represents the final frontier – civilisation against savagery, the will to go on against the crushing obstacle of fatigue. That’s according to NRL commentator and Queensland public enemy number one, Gus Gould.

The husky Penrith native has confirmed today that this match is the most important sporting event of the year, and that it’s all about mate verse mate, state verse state.

Known colloquially as the ‘Gus-Up’, Gould’s pre-kick off rant has over the years gradually earnt him respect from both sides of the Tweed – with his euphoric, albeit slightly biased, sermons that give viewers a last minute reminder of what Origin is all about.

Earlier this year it was confirmed that Great Gatsby director, Baz Luhrmann had been officially hired by the NRL to help choreograph Gus Gould’s pre match speech.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate, Gould said that NSW need to know how important and serious this all is.

“We can look at the world the way we’d like it to be, or we can look at the world the way it is – and the reality is, if New South Wales lose this match tonight, Queensland win their 11th series in twelve years” he says while looking deep into the lense of a panning sky camera.

“They must be inspired by the challenge. They can’t allow the urgency of the situation to deteriorate into panic. They need to use their desperation as a weapon. As we get down to the dying moments of this game, the result comes into focus”

“There’s only one way to deal with this pressure. You have to trust yourself, you have to trust your teammates. You have to believe in yourself, you have to believe in your teammates. ”

“If you see it, don’t second guess yourself. Do it, and do it 100 miles per hour. No fear, no hesitation.”

“State versus state. Mate versus mate. Never since the days of gladiatorial combat have we seen a competition so fierce. Enjoy your Origin football”

The interview ended abruptly with Gus Gould only saying “Thank you, Peter” and walking off into the distance.


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