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Author Stephen King once said that people often get into writing because they think they can write better than something they’ve seen published.

The same can be said for singing and performing according to local real estate agent, Lucy Attridge.

At just seven years old, the now 26-year-old first realised she might have a future in singing – but the weight of life and expectation quickly took hold.

“I was the first in my class to sing the right amount of ‘sha-nanas’ at the start of Spice Up Your Life by The Spice Girls,” she said,

“All the others would keep ‘shanana-ing’ when Geri Halliwell started to bust out with the opening lines. I knew I had it in me but I wasn’t sure enough to follow my dream that aggressively,”

“Oh well.”

However, earlier this afternoon the vocal Virgo paused at a South Betoota traffic light and wondered to herself if she’s got what it takes to make it in showbusiness after all.

With the myriad of talent and reality shows currently broadcast around the country, Attridge revealed to The Advocate that she’s ‘seriously considering’ signing up for one of them.

“I need a story, though,” she said.

“Mine isn’t that interesting. Loving parents, private school, comfortable money, overseas family holidays, good looks. I don’t think I’d be able to crack it going at it alone like Paul Kelly or Kasey Chambers,”

“Ha ha ha! Did I just describe Taylor Swift?”

“Maybe if one of them died or my sister hurt herself skiing Val-d’isere? That’d work. Even that Kyle Sandilands would tear up. It’s something to think about.”

More to come.



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