Hundreds of thousands of silver-haired Gen X rock n roll fans are these week venturing into an online journey of milleniall music.

This comes after US musician and notable young person, Post Malone, is met with rave reviews for his opening act as part of the 2023 Red Hot Chilli Peppers tour.

One ageing rockdog is Betoota local, Evan Benderson (47) who flew to Brisbane for the Chilli peppers gig, before following them down south.

As a self-described ‘purist’ – Evan says the closest he could ever see himself getting to listening to hip hop, is literally the music of Anthony Kiedes.

However, the opening act may have won him over.

“Tell you what, I didn’t mind that Poster Minogue bloke. Who is he anyway?”

“Kylie’s nephew or something?”

“He reminds me of a young Kid Rock meets Andre 3000”

Fans say the 27-year-old Texan rocker/rapper was not taking any chances with his opening set list, and unlike the Chilli Peppers, insisted on playing only the hits.

This is the fourth time in Australia for Post Malone after visiting in 2017, 2018 and 2019. For the 2023 Australian tour, Post Malone has a standard setlist replicated at every show with 16 out of 16 chart hits including four US number ones – with streaming numbers that could very well outshine the old men he opened for.

However, all the old codgers like Evan have never heard of Post Malone before, so that means he must be ‘new’.

“Yeah not bad” says a reluctant Evan, who has spent a week listening to his music.

“My favourite song is rockstar. Which is funny, because he’s technically a rap star. Cypress Hill did this years ago”

“Shame he can’t actually play music.”

“But if this man is the yardstick for youth culture, I approve”


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