The Liberal Party has returned to their old playbook this week during the Dunkley By-Election, with campaign strategists now preparing the red carpet for their secret weapon: Former Prime Minister John Howard, aged 84.

This is a strategy that is emulated every time Australians go to the ballot, as the Liberal machine tries their very hardest to remind Australians of a time when they had a leader who stayed in power for longer than 18 months before getting stabbed in the back by jealous rivals within their own party.

Political experts are confident that Labor will retain the marginal seat, held previously by the late Peta Murphy – but in the absence of One Nation and United Australia candidates there are a lot of votes looking for somewhere to go.

The deep state right-wing lobby group ‘Advance Australia’ is outspending both Labor and the Liberal Party on ads and billboards, in their efforts to wrestle the seat from Albanese on behalf of the same billionaire donors that bankrolled their succesful NO campaign during the referend

However, analysts say that unlike the Indigenous Voice, it’s not going to be elderly boomers who get their news from Facebook memes that decides this vote.

More than 41% of all enrolled voters in Melbourne’s South-East are Millennial or younger. A number that is 10% higher than Boomers in this electorate.

And as the younger generations constantly explain to the deaf ears of the Australian political class, they have absolutely zero interest in the Howard-era Liberal party that focused on demonising Muslims and welfare recipients – as opposed the issues that actually affect them like the housing crisis, cost of living, and climate.

The Liberal Party has since refuted the suggestion that any election could be decided by the meaningless opinions of young people, who simply do not matter.

While the newest batch of young voters actually cannot physically remember a time when John Howard was culturally relevant, Peter Dutton and his party remain confident that his mere presence is enough to win them votes on the campaign trial.

The Opposition’s indifference to the youth vote is similar to their blatant disregard for female voters – as highlighted by selectiing Frankston Mayor Nathan Conroy as the candidate for Dunkley.

The seat has been left vacant by the untimely passing of the staunch advocate for breast cancer survivors, Peta Murphy.

Conroy will face off against Jodie Belyea, a Labor candidate who helps run women’s shelters and other programmes for disadvantaged female constituents.


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