A young couple from Betoota’s French Quarter have been accused of parting ways with traditional relationship conduct after travelling to Europe together and not posting a single picture of the two of them together.

An anonymous Facebook friend of the couple says this behaviour suggests the two of them might have secret dating account profiles they don’t want sabotaged by their long-term relationship.

“Hmmm,” said one Facebook friend who doesn’t know them particularly well.

“They must have…something. Some sort of deal.”

Scrolling through their feed, the anonymous friend noted the couple would posts photos at the same destinations but usually with the focus being on some food or alcohol and not something more traditional like the woman holding the man’s hand while he takes a photo of her.

“Did they not take any selfies or did they not want to risk the other one being too close to their camera roll?”

Secretly wondering what an open-relationship of his own might be like, a realisation dawned on the Facebook friend that it’s also very possible one of them is secretly unfaithful rather than following respectful polyamorous guidelines.

“If they don’t have a deal then one of them has a coupla spare beds the other doesn’t know about. For sure.”


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