Dad is on thin ice, according to his family, after sharing another Facebook spam post; his second this week.

The clearly-bullshit posts claim that a brand-new Winnebago was an unclaimed prize and will be given away for no apparent reason to someone that adds a comment.

Oldest son, James has had enough. “I keep telling Dad they’re bullshit. Why would any company give away a saleable product for no commercial gain whilst cannibalising their own sales by giving the product to a potential customer? 

But he just says “Hey, you gotta be in it to win it, right?””

“First it was the memes with the ugly chicks who were “looking for James”, then it was anything that started with an Australian flag and ended with “Share if you agree!” But being spammed by your own father? That is low, man. Real low”.

With his father seemingly blinded by the thought of winning a non-existent campervan, and a computer-illiterate mother, James had run out of options and was forced to take matters into his own hands.

“I’ve already had an intervention, sort of. I sat Dad down; I told him, “mate, you’re a good bloke, I’ve known you for a long time. But it can’t go on like this, I need you to make a choice. It’s me or the fake Winnebagos”.

It was really emotional. I don’t think he realised how strongly I felt about it, but I can’t let it go on like this. I’ve limited him to falling for one fake competition per month. Any more than that and I will be forced to unfriend him, forever.” 


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