As international flights remain heavily restricted, and state borders begin opening up, domestic tourism has begun to accelerate right around Australia.

However, unlike overseas travel, where tourists first observe foreign cultures before immersing themselves within them – small towns across Australia are now faced with an overwhelming number of city types who think they can act how they like.

Byron Bay residents have been making national headlines this week complaining about the influx of lockdown-evading Victorians who are now treating the coastal community like some sort of Peninsula weekender town.

Darwin media has reported a growing population of people who have no valid reason to be staying in town outside of wanting to live life without any form of social distancing.

In Betoota, there have been issues with tourists visiting the pubs, and refusing to acknowledge local etiquette.

Local publican, Bevan Clapp (66) says he’s never seen this must trouble in his venue since the North Queensland Cowboys were robbed of a Grand Final appearance due to a 7th tackle try in 2012.

“These blow-ins mate…” he says to our reporters as he wipes down the bar at the Lord Kidman Hotel.

“I know they are great for the economy and that. But jeez, they really don’t show much respect our town and our customs”

Bevan says the clash of cultures has seen his Facebook page and Google Reviews swamped with complaints by both the regulars and tourists.

“These tourists seem to take issue with everything. They love to be able to sit in a cute country pub and drink beer…”

“but they have the hide to complain about the TV being on full bore volume during A Current Affair”

“Or the fact that the Kenno and Dwight are having an in-depth conversation about work while standing in front of the urinal for twenty minutes”

The local regulars also appear to be having a whinge, which isn’t a new thing, as the bar man points out.

“They are getting quite territorial” he says.

“I mean, it’s all good to have your own corner of the bar..”

“But just because you’ve sunk enough piss here to earn yourself a plaque, doesn’t mean it’s okay to put a pool cue over some poor Ascot dad’s head because he accidentally ordered a beer from the wrong till”



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