As the good news continues to filter through for Melbourne, the city has today entered stage two of its roadmap out of lockdown.

Now as Melbourne faces the prospect of further loosened restrictions in three weeks’ time, the cities ‘bubble buddies’ are being forced to have some tough conversations about what’s happening going forward.

Introduced a little while back, the ‘single social bubble buddy’ system was designed to help those living alone and/or those needing a bit of intimacy and was received well by plenty of toey Southerners.

With lockdown season potentially wrapping up soon, huge numbers of people who have entered into mutually beneficial relationships over the last few weeks are now discussing whether to keep this thing going or not.

One Box Hill resident Annabel Bentley (26) spoke to The Advocate this afternoon to run us through how her contract negotiations are going.

“It’s tough,” explained the young woman who struck up a symbiotic relationship with a mate on the fringe of one of her social circles.

“It’s been a lot of fun, and a bit of excitement in this unprecedented time.”

“But I’m not sure I’m as into it as Dave is.”

“He’s really keen to re-commit and ink a new long-term deal ahead of all this stuff ending. But where I’m at with everything, I kind of wouldn’t mind entering free agency and just seeing what’s happening on the open market you know.”

“Tricky one isn’t it.”

“I just don’t think I can put pen to paper,” she sighed.

“We’ll see”


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