As coastie cousin who only drinks 440ml cans of Woodstock and works night security at a regional airport, has today been unable to explain his most glaringly visible form of self-expression.

When it comes to his personal life, Corey Nutt (27) has never been one to a follow the crowd – especially in a beach community.

Namely, the fact that he refuses to take his flat brim hat off inside the RSL, and thinks that going to the beach is for losers.

This outsider status amongst his extended family has been exemplified by his unconditional love of Nitro Circus motocross and his lowered pearlescent Hilux with the flat tray.

While the rest of the family usually enjoy going to the pub to watch the cricket over Christmas, Corey is more inclined to take his Vietnam veteran uncle down to the sandy carpark behind the headland and showing him a bit of circlework in the luxy.

It is perhaps the kindred spirit relationship with his mother’s bikie brother Joe that has paved the way for Corey to spend thousands of dollars on a Satanic-themed leg sleeve tattoo, without finding himself forced to wear trousers at every family event.

However, there is one new addition to his look that even has the old codger asking questions at the most recent Sunday lunch.

“What’s going on with ya fucking ears?” asks the uncle, in reference to the gaping holes in the centre of Corey’s spacer ear rings.

“What’s this all about?”

Corey sighs as it becomes clear that not even his most unrefined relative gets it.

“What?!” Corey responds, with an attitude usually reserved for nightclub bouncers and police officers.

“Ya fuckin ears?” says the uncle.

“They’ve got holes in em”

“And they don’t look like they’re for hearing”

The uncle’s decision to interrogate finally gives Corey’s pearl-clutching aunts and mother license to ask questions as well, with almost every one of them asking him if this is a permanent look.

After what seems like 20 different attempts to get a clear explanation out of the family bad ass, Corey finally snaps and says it’s just a thing okay, before telling everyone to get over it, and taking the ear rings out.

“Christ” says his Uncle Joe.

“Put them the fuck back in”


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