In a world that may soon have to adapt to the loss of the pollinating power of bees, it has been confirmed that we lost at least one more today in a stinging related incident.

Known for producing honey and being of vital importance to most life on earth, bees are also infamous for their painful sting which once delivered causes the insect to die.

But for the bee who sacrificed themselves earlier today in Betoota Grove, they at least managed to die while stinging someone who is allergic thus doing some actual damage for a change.

The bee is just one of thousands belonging to a hive near an affluent apartment block. After residents complained about the noise coming from the hive, the strata responded by sending round a maintenance man with two cans of Raid and a disused fencing mask.

Reluctance to follow bee relocation guidelines immediately came to bite back maintenance man Chris Reynolds (36) who found out he was allergic the hard way when he woke up in intensive care after he was stung by the late bee.

“The little fucker,” stated Reynolds through a set of lips that wouldn’t look out of place in an interbreeding hinterland cult.

Although the brave bee lost its life, the sting it inflicted upon the soon to be critically ill Reynolds was enough to ensure the continuation of their hive, at least until another maintenance worker draws the short straw.


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