It was all smiles on the sidelines of the Johval last weekend after the Betoota Mutts 4th Grade team finally broke a historic losing streak.

The Fiesty Fours ended their 12-game losing run, after a stirring 7-5 victory over the Bedourie Bullants.

This comes after a horror run of appalling refereeing performances, that cost the Mutts a number of victories.

However, the dam wall has now been broken, with 4s notching up an incredible victory.

So significant after was the victory, that captain Dan ‘Dozer’ Dutton felt the urge to bust out the cigar in celebration.

“We’d be savoring this for a momentous occasion,” explained Dozer, referencing the squashed stick of rolled tobacco leaves that had somehow been forgotten about on his last bucks party.

“And there’s no better occasion than breaking a losing streak and putting one up those fucking Bullants,” said the member of a club that went on to lose every single other grade and the boat race over the course of the Saturday.

With crusty white hungover saliva crystalising around his lips after the performance, Dozer apparently forced the majority of his teammates to take a puff from the cigar, in a touch display of team camaraderie.

“Team building,” said Dozer, taking back the cigar that now looked like a soggy beat of carboard that had been left out in the rain.

“Saturdays baby, doesn’t get much better than that.”

“Onwards and upwards, finals are back on the table now,” said Dozer, seemingly implying that his 2-12 team were a chance of winning all of their remaning 5 games before finals.

More to come.


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