Betoota cowboy Alex Whippett appeared on Humans of New York yesterday.
Betoota cowboy Alex Whippett appeared on Humans of New York yesterday.

21 December, 2014. 14:03

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

PROFESSIONAL BULL RIDER and Betoota local, Alex Whippett, has appeared on the global internet sensation Humans of New York – only a day after running in to Hamish Blake.

Whippett was in town for the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Monster Energy Buck off at Madison Square Garden this week, where he placed second behind current champion Silvano Alves.

Alex is the third son of Henry and Jennifer Whippett, of Blackbulloo Station.

Henry Whippett was formally cautioned by police earlier this year after he taxied in his Cessna 172 home from the Betoota Hotel after being told not to fly.

The Advocate phoned Alex after he appeared on the famous blog, in which we told that it was “funny” he made it on the website, but not fellow Australian Hamish Blake, as he famously tried to be featured on the blog on Friday without success.

“I was on the cans with Hamish Blake the night before,” said Alex.

“We ran in to each other – it was pretty lucky,”

“He asked me how I was,” said Alex.

“I told him I was good but after a long day on the bulls, I was tonguing for a VB – just as a joke,”

“Hamish said he had a fridge full of green cans back at his hotel room so we went back there and got stuck in,” he said.

Somewhere around 3am, Alex said he passed out on the bathroom floor.

“He’s a good fella and all but he’s pretty fucking weird,” said Alex.

“Who wants to play drinking games when there’s only two of you? Hamish Blake does,”

“He did find me a cold VB in NYC, though, and for that I take my hat off to him,”

It’s revealed that Alex was photographed for the Humans of New York on the sidewalk outside Mr Blake’s 9th Avenue hotel.

“Hamish fell asleep in an armchair. I put him on his side so he wouldn’t Hendrix himself,” said Alex.

“I ducked outside to call a taxi and this bloke comes up and asks for my photo,”

“He asked me all these questions and then he left,” said Alex.

“I didn’t think anything of it until I got this phone call.”

When asked for comment by The Advocate, management for Mr Blake refused to divulge any information about the evening in question.

“His number was saved in my phone from that night,” says Alex.

“I rang him up this morning and gave him shit [laughs].”









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