The man representing the region that exports a huge chunk of Australia’s coal has today surprisingly decided to challenge the calls for national action on Climate Change.

Member for Hunter Joel Fitzgibbon has called for the nation to just woo up a bit on this whole Climate Change thing and take a few deep breaths of bushfire smoke laced air.

Speaking from Newcastle, the region that exports roughly 10% of the world’s coal, Fitzgibbon said he was keen to downplay the effect of Australia’s contribution to Climate Change.

“We only contribute 1-2% of the world’s emissions,” explained the coal advocate keen to gloss over the fact we supply 37% of the world’s coal.

“So I really fail to see why we should take action on Climate Change when China and India are the ones who are actually responsible for the emissions.”

The Port of Newcastle exports roughly 160 odd million tonnes of Australia’s 380 million tonnes of coal.

“I mean you can nitpick and say it’s our coal, but they are the ones burning it you know, so I can’t see how the current malaise is our fault.”

The man who publicly called for Labor to end its war on coal said the nation should forget about trying to ensure the long term future of the nation to make sure he can keep his job as a public servant.

“No my position on this has nothing to do with the fact my electorate is fuelled by coal, but if I spoke out about it in line with scientists and experts I’d get turfed out of a job and have to look for other work.”

“Who is to say the nation’s greater good is greater than Joel’s greater good anyway.”

He then stormed off.


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