Just in case you weren’t aware, our society is at a moral crossroads.

The fabric of our beloved Australia is beginning to be picked apart, bit by bit, by various groups from within it.

Thankfully though, we have the media behemoth News Corp Australia, willing to stand in the face of such issues and fight for us.

Forget reporting on rampant tax evasion which at a conservative estimate is robbing the Australian people of $50 billion a year, or even paying their own fair share of tax, here is a list of the 5 main issues sending this country down the gurgler.

1. Dole Bludgers

You might think that 380 large companies, like QANTAS, Exxon, Goldman Sachs, Energy Australia and News Corp not paying a cent of corporate tax in the last three years might gradually destroy some of the pillars of this great country like the universal right to education and healthcare.

However, as NewsCorp frequently reveals, it’s actually welfare recipients who are costing you, I and society in general.

Champion of an egalitarian society, Miranda Devine explained that “Centrelink recipients around this country are costing us many schools, hospitals and roads.”

2. The ABC

Do you know how much we pay to have leftist propaganda jammed down our throats?

$1 billion. That’s the size of the national broadcaster’s budget. Oddly enough they seem to be more willing to report on corporate tax evasion than News Corp’s mastheads, but that’s beside the point.

Despite exposing corruption, criminal activity and morally unscrupulous behaviour within broader Australia, the ‘Aunty’ as she is effectively known by communists, has been bordering on socialist for too long now, and that has rightfully drawn the ire of Murdoch’s papers.

3. Political Correctness

It is pretty well known now that Australia has become too politically correct.

Same-Sex Marriage, Safe Schools, identity politics and anti-male bias are just some of the hallmarks of political correctness gone wrong.

Thankfully though, rather than discuss the $4.5 billion worth of assets syphoned out of Australia by Murdoch’s companies in 2015 and 16, Andrew Bolt and Miranda are on the front line of the war against the PC renegades.

4. Migrants

In the last 40 years or so Australia has faced numerous issues with migrants coming to this country.

The steady wave from non-English speaking countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa has caused a raft of societal issues that The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun and Courier Mail have been exposing for a long time.

The most recent is the crisis African gang crime in Melbourne that has got so bad that the residents of the great southern capital are afraid to even leave their homes.

A prominent News Limited editor told The Advocate that if people think that News Corp running at a loss and minimising tax is worthy of a story, they have rocks in their head.

“African gang crime is the real issue affecting people, not fucking tax evasion champ,” he said to us today.

5. Indigenous Australians Who Aren’t Thankful For What Colonialism Has Done For Them

There are some Indigenous Australians, and lefties who would have us all living in guilt every day.

The champions of the black armband view of history, should take a leaf out of ‘Uncle Ruperts’ minion’s books, and appreciate what makes this great country what it is today.

A prominent News Corp columnist summed it up perfectly when he said that “People need to forget about the systemic oppression of indigenous Australians which amounted to the definition of genocide, and try to work together to create a harmonious society.”

So, there you have it. 5 issues that make perfect distractions from the fact that the largest media organisation in Australia doesn’t pay tax!


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