A generous company CEO has flaunted his deep wealth this morning, donating a family sized box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates to the office kitchenette.

Eyes lit up across the office floor of Betoota’s Ernst & Thumb accounting firm, as employees started their day with the welcome appearance of 48 individually wrapped Ferrero Rochers, sparkling in a gold ribboned Christmas box.

Featuring the rich man’s classic Ferrero Rochers, white coconut Raffaellos and the often forgotten dark chocolate Rondnoir, it was clear to all employees that the top dog had casually dropped at least $30 worth of choccies next to the office kettle.

The big flex from the CEO was a prime example of one of the many displays of festive-themed social classism currently playing out in workplaces across the country.

Speaking to junior Taxation Accountant, Hamish Moro, the appearance of premium Ferrero Rocher chocolates was yet another reminder of the clear generational wealth gap between him and his older office superiors.

“Everyone knows the chocolates you put on the table show off how much coin you’ve got lying around,” said Mr Moro.

“Last year I offered up a box of Cadbury Roses and all I got was giggles from the Senior Management Team, they didn’t wanna go near em!”.

Speaking to The Advocate, young accountant Mr Moro said he was considering the possibility of further study to increase his social standing within the company. 

“I’m doing my Masters next year so I could be up for a promotion, if I pull it off I might be able to hand out a few Lindt chocolates to everyone in their cubicles.”

“That’d show all the Seniors that I’m at least on my way to buying a car brand new and not picking one up off GumTree!”

“Although I’d probably only be able to buy the small mixed bag of Lindt, not the gift box. 

“Who do you think I am, a C-suite millionaire?!”


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